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Dhianu Das has been involved in the business fray for so long that market analysis and result predictions come to him naturally. He holds immense expertise in launching a business and steering it to success. Part of his life is dedicated to training young minds and help them to achieve their dreams.

GoMechanic brands itself as the one-stop solution to all your car repairing services. Starting from periodic maintenance to car cleaning, wheel and rim care to painting services, the company caters to all. The brand houses a team of skilled technicians who provide pick-and-drop facilities along with guaranteed genuine products and much more.

Luxury Ride is a pre-owned luxury cars dealer and a shopping platform for exclusive car brands. With showrooms across north India, you can choose from over 150 cars of 8 plus luxury brands and their selection range is tried and tested for proper functioning. Luxury Ride is a dedicated team of car professionals who bring to you a relaxed buying atmosphere at fairly competitive costs.

CleanseCar is an end to end car cleaning platform that provides you with one of the best car cleaning services at your doorstep with just a few clicks. Along with car wash, their services include interior and exterior detailing, engine oil monitoring, AC filter cleaning and so on. CleanseCar also boasts of innovative package washing services to suit all your needs.

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